Marcelo Saad. MD, Ph.D (S. Paulo, Brazil) - Physician, board-certified in Rehabilitation Medicine and Acupuncture. Doctorate in Rehabilitation Sciences by the Federal University of S. Paulo. Current director of the Spiritist-Medical Association of S. Paulo. Active collaborator with the Brazilian and the International Spiritist-Medical Associations. Co-founder of the Interfaith Coalition on Health and Spirituality (a movement to foster spiritual support in hospitals). Besides his work as a physician in private practice, he is also engaged in scientific publication, editorial collaborations with journals and books, technical lectures, and scholar tasks. His primary interest fields are religiosity in healthcare, anomalous phenomena of consciousness, and complementary spiritual therapies. 

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Scientific Production in ENGLISH (for all publications click here)
2009 - PAPER - Integration of acupuncture for out- and inpatients in general hospital in Brazil

2009 - PAPER - Why Medical Acupuncture?​

2011 - Chapter - Acupuncture for Inpatients in General Hospitals – Special Features of this Service​

2012 - Chapter - Complementary Therapies – Considerations Before Recommend, Tolerate or Proscribe​
2012 - Chapter - Spiritual-Religious Coping – Health Services Empowering Patients’ Resources.​

2012 - Chapter - Distant Healing by the Supposed Vital Energy – Scientific Bases​

2015 - PAPER - Toward the Concept of ‘Spiritist Chaplaincy’

2015 - PAPER - Poor Results in Pain Management: Suggestion for How to Interpret Them

2015 - PAPER - Informal Mind–Body Techniques [Irritable Bowel Syndrome]

2015 - Chapter - Distant Healing Techniques and Distant Intercessory Prayer - A Tentative Scientific Conciliation

2016 - PAPER - Programs of Religious/Spiritual Support in Hospitals - Five "Whies" and Five "Hows"

2017 - PAPER - The Continuum of Mind-Body Interplay - From Placebo Effect to Unexplained Cures

2017 - PAPER - Potential Contribution of the Medical-Spiritist Model to a New Paradigm on Medicine

2017 - PAPER - Fading Away Borders Between Religion and Science: Proposal from the Spiritist Medical Model

2017 - PAPER - Are We Ready for a True Biopsychosocial–Spiritual Model? The Many Meanings of “Spiritual”

2017 - PAPER - Spiritist Complementary Therapies - Ways for Future Integration to Medicine

2017 - PAPER - The Soul – From a Religious-Philosophical Conjecture, Towards a Scientific-Medical Matter

2017 - PAPER - Implications for public health of the religiosity-longevity relation. 

2018 - PAPER - The Patient with Overestimated Faith, Expecting for a Miraculous Healing 

2019 - PAPER - Neurophysiological, cognitive-behavioral and neurochemical effects of transcendental meditation

2019 - Chapter - Spirituality, Religiousness and Physical Health: Scientific Evidence

2019 - Chapter - Acupuncture: What Controversies? What Pathways? 

2020 - PAPER - Spiritism and Health: A Narrative Appraisal of the Scientific Publication Growth from the Last 30 y.

2020 - PAPER - Should Spiritual Care Be Covered by Healthcare Insurance and Health Systems?

2020 - PAPER - Spirituality and Healthcare: Common Grounds for Secular and Religious Worlds and Clinical Implications

2021 - PAPER - Religion and health: most of times, an excellent combination

2021 - PAPER - Advocating for the concept of spiritual health

2021 - PAPER - Spiritual Well-Being Affects Emotional and Physical Health

2021 - PAPER - A model of the spirit that could explain some anomalous phenomena of consciousness

2022 - PAPER - Shared Death Experiences: A Multicultural Survey.