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An Examination of Religiosity - 

Influences, Perspectives and Health Implications

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This book aspires to disseminate the ideal form of clinical healthcare, based on the best available scientific evidence. This work does not have the goal of being exhaustive, but rather aims to be a reliable reference to accompany a paradigm shift. The chapters are original manuscripts of high-standard methodological quality, selected among authors from Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, and the United States. 

The book starts with a historical trajectory and the current state of the art of spirituality-religiosity as a clinical therapeutic resource.The following chapters explore the relationships between spirituality-religiosity and some parameters of physical and mental health in many populations and groups: the general population, college students, older adults, cancer patients, and bereaved parents. The final chapters bring intriguing and challenging models about phenomena involving the nonlocal mind and the brain-independent consciousness.

Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Editors: Marcelo Saad &

Roberta de Medeiros

Publication Date: July 2019

Hardcover and E-Book

ISBN 978-1-53615-577-8

Pages: 340

Value: US$ 195.00

TARGET AUDIENCE - Professionals, students and researchers on the fields of: 

clinical healthcare (physicians, nurses, psychologists, others),

- multi-professional patient care (social workers, hospital managers, others), and

- pastoral support for ill people (professional chaplains, community clergymen, others).

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